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Welcome to Yo-YoWholesale.com! We are proud distributors of Duncan, Henrys and Infinity yo-yos and here to provide your shop with the yo-yos you need. From basic, introductory models to 2A loopers, Off-string yo-yos and counter-weights, we've got a range to meet your customer's needs. We've been supplying retailers around the world for nearly 30 years alongside developing our own functional, high performance models. The contemporary yo-yo market is as exciting as its ever been and our experienced, knowledgeable staff are here to advise you. We're a friendly team who live and breathe our products, so feel free to contact us anytime.

To purchase retail yo-yos please visit: The Oddballs Juggling Shop

The products and services of Yo-Yo Wholesale are available to registered customers, who are looking to purchase Yo-Yos in quantity. If you think you may be eligible for an account then head to the Account Application page to get started.